We all need it, we all know that we need it, we'd quite frankly cease to exist without it, but we fail to acknowledge to ourselves that we need it, that we need rest. 

I caught the 'rona this week and it put me on my back. I've spent a couple of days in bed now, itching for all the things I wanted to do. The song, stories and essays I wanted to write, the guitar parts I wanted to practise, the nice walks I wanted to go on in this uncharacteristically glorious weather, all the things that don't involve being confined to a bed. I felt like a prisoner, locked in by invisible bars, looking at the world outside go by, and as much as I knew somewhere in the corner of my mind that this time spent resting would do me good, another part of my mind revolted against the idea. 

Ironically, I'm writing this post in bed, because I can't even get over the idea that I'm allowed a week off from my weekly blog posts due to illness. I know, I know, for a post that's meant to extol the virtues of rest, I'm not doing the best job of selling it. But allow me to defer to someone else; a while back my friend sent me a link to an article about rest. It's called the seven types of rest that every person needs

Every couple of weeks I come back to this article to remind myself why rest is important. Slowly but surely, I'm trying to get better at this whole resting thing. I hope the article helps you too.

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